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Chatbots & Conversational UI

Chatbots are essentially software programs pretending to be people that you can interact with through text or voice.  You can talk to these chatbots in your messaging apps, websites or voice enabled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, much like you would any other contact in your list, to get the day's investment briefing, find out your account balance or just pay your phone bill.  In the context of conversational commerce, chatbots are becoming the bridge between consumers and businesses, and appear to be a good answer for financial institutions to manage millions of one-to-one conversations with their customers.  Banks and insurers should look at chatbots as the opportunity to combine intimacy and automation to help them deliver a more personal customer experience.

Compared with banking services offered through most social apps, chatbots offer users a more engaged and private communication channel than any social network.

For bankers contemplating how to implement a chatbot, it is imperative that they think of "conversational commerce" as a way to turn dialogue—the natural back-and-forth exchange of information—into a more meaningful discussion with consumers and businesses.  Whilst chatbots are not new, banks should not underestimate the amount of attention, buy-in and innovation needed in developing them effectively, and should look to trusted technology partners who have experience in developing chatbot and NLP solutions. In the world of chatbots ‘first impressions’ are everything, and when you think about it, the sincerest and most special form of engagement a customer can have with its bank or insurer isn't a retweet, a Facebook Like, or even an email opt-in.  It’s a conversation.

Our Banking Chatbot Features

• Text and Voice Enabled

• Contextual Mobile Banking Interface

• Check Multiple Account Balances

• Check Latest Transactions

• Cognitive AI Awareness

• Personal Finance Management

• Check and Pay Bills

• Send Money Person 2 Person

• Facial Recognition Payments

• Image Recognition for Affordability Check

• Digital On-boarding through Image Upload

• Photo-pay of Bills or Receipts

• Browse Bank Products & Services

• Bank FAQs

• Video-chat with Relationship Manager

• Friends Bill Split

• ATM and Branch Locator

• FX Rate Enquiry & International Transfers

• Targeted Marketing Campaigner

• ATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal

• Investment Module: Trade Shares

• Manage your Share and Bonds Portfolio

• Apply for a Credit or Debit Card

• Block Card or Set Limits

• Send Travel Notification to Bank

• Ask for Money

• Complaints and Call Centre Integration

• Chat Sentiment Analysis Engine

Compared with banking services offered through most social apps, chatbots offer users a more engaged and private communication channel than any social network.

In one chat with a customer, banks can:

•            Help someone onboard and make an important financial decision.

•            Handle any complaints or concerns personally.

•            Upsell or cross-sell their other products.

•            Offer contextual loyalty reward incentives.

•            Answer questions about “best-fit” financial products and offer alternatives.

•            Get customer feedback.

•            Provide an investment portfolio update

•            Execute a trade to buy or sell shares.

•            Apply for a mortgage, personal loan or process an insurance policy.

•            Deliver important, time sensitive transaction notifications.

•            ...All at the pace of instant messaging.

By combining hands-on service with some element of automation - alert notifications and auto-dialers, for example—financial institutions can manage customer relationships a little easier and with a degree of personalization.  While chatbot AI isn’t yet ‘Turing’ enough to become the “face” of the bank’s brand in a sales or customer service role, it is at an inflection point where it can take on some of the many manual and repetitive burdens that come with running a first-line support for business—particularly when that support is executing mundane tasks for marketing and operations.  Today, the most effective bots work well because they serve a specialized function, and offer a customer experience that begins with a few options or yes/no questions, before branching off to ask you further detailed questions as required or performing an action based on the information that you’ve provided.

Thynk's Chatbot Framework & Architecture :